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How to Use Skills

Skills® is an online tool that provides comprehensive assessment and curriculum, positive support planning for challenging behavior, progress tracking, and treatment evaluation all in one place.

Skills is a web-based program designed to give educators of children with autism spectrum disorders access to:

  • Assessment: The most comprehensive evaluation of a child’s skills available.
  • Eight Curricula: Activities with step-by-step instructions for teaching children with autism the skills they need.
  • Positive Behavior Support Planning for Challenging Behavior: A tool for creating, customizing, and storing behavior intervention plans (BIP) for challenging behavior.
  • Progress Tracking: Charts and graphs that track treatment progress and the impact of various events on the child’s progress.
  • Analytics: Prediction of probable clinical outcomes given specific parameters , team evaluation and cost analyses.

  • Step 1: Start Assessment
  • Step 2: Choose a  Skill or Activity
  • Step 3: Start Treatment
  • Step 4: Record Progress


  • This menu summarizes the progress a user has made with regards to completing the Skills Assessment, the activities currently in the child’s treatment plan and the activities the child has mastered.
  • Specialized reporting and notices are also available in this section

Skills Dashboard - Sample