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Skills Features

Skills® is an online tool that provides comprehensive assessment and curriculum, positive behavior support planning for challenging behavior, progress tracking, and treatment evaluation all in one place.

Skills® provides:
  1. An approach based on over 40 years of research on the use of ABA-based treatment for autism
  2. 24/7 access from any computer anywhere in the world
  3. An individualized assessment linked to a comprehensive set of curricula across eight developmental areas:
    (1) Social, (2) Motor, (3) Language, (4) Adaptive, (5) Play, (6) Executive Functions, (7) Cognition, and (8) Academic Skills
  4. Age of typical development for skills assessed and within lesson plans
  5. Almost 4,000 lesson activities
  6. Easily accessible lesson activities, teaching guides, and tracking forms
  7. Lesson activities that are customizable to meet the child's needs
  8. Printable, fun, and creative worksheets, tracking forms and visual aids
  9. Clear, brief, and visually appealing demonstration videos
  10. Detailed treatment progress and clinical timeline chart!
  11. Ability to track and view the effect of challenging behaviors and alternative treatments on learning progress
  12. Access to assessment, treatment, and progress tracking all in one place
  13. Lesson plans tailored to Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) goals and benchmarks
  14. Ability to write behavior intervention plans (BIP) for challenging behavior
  15. Ability for teachers, professionals, and parents to work together as a team
  16. Multiple student viewing at one time (view all of a teacher's students in one account)
  17. Ability to share access to students' accounts with other treatment providers
  18. Ability to compare the effectiveness of teachers
  19. Unlimited live assistance via Web chats



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