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"When our daughter was diagnosed with autism, we found that our biggest problem with our home-based ABA program was finding a curriculum that was age and behaviorally relevant to her. Skills® filled that gap! We are so happy with how easy Skills® was to use. The videos were effective in helping all of our team members understand every program and we had the peace of mind to know that we were not missing anything in her development. Now she is doing amazing and is keeping up with her twin sister! Thanks, Skills®!"

- Janna R., Parent, S. Dakota
"As a clinical director of an organization providing ABA-based intervention, I have been very pleased with the improvements in efficiency we've seen using Skills®. It has helped us to significantly cut the time required to prepare individualized lessons, goals, and progress reports. We've also become more productive by having access to client data at any time and the ability to update information with the click of a button. As a small company looking to provide the highest quality ABA-based treatment, utilizing Skills® helps set us apart from other providers."

Thea D., Clinical Director, MS Ed, BCBA
"This incredible online tool provides the most comprehensive curriculum that I have encountered in my 16 years of practice as a Speech Language Pathologist and Behavior Analyst. IEP goal writing and lesson planning take half the time. The detailed lesson plans provide a systematic and developmentally appropriate approach to instruction, and the lesson plan tips are invaluable."

-Cathy B., Senior Clinical Supervisor, CCC-SLP, BCBA
"Skills® has been the answer to a prayer! It has been so helpful in preparing for my son's IEP and for teaching him new skills at home. I highly recommend Skills® to any parent who wants to help their child on the Autism Spectrum make substantive progress!"

-Shannon P., Parent, California
"The Anne Carlsen Center in Jamestown, North Dakota has been in existence since 1941. We offer evaluations as well as educational, residential, therapeutic, and community-based services throughout the state of North Dakota. In the past 25 years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of referrals state-wide for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. We were looking for a comprehensive program that included a development assessment and baseline in which to establish 'socially significant behaviors.' Skills® has provided us with that direction. Our clients, both residentially and community-based, have made significant gains in all areas of their lives since implementing the program. Skills® provides everything we need in one online system. Our parents, interventionists and faculty are very pleased with the results; however, more importantly, our clients are more successful and happy... and that's what really matters."

-Michele W., Director of Education
"Skills® has been such an asset to the Mamaroneck School District. Skills'® comprehensive assessment has given teachers the direction in planning for their students' individual needs. They have developed treatment plans which are well rounded, effective and specific to each learner. Teachers and staff have commented on several occasions how Skills® has contributed positively to their students' progress and class functioning as a whole. Its design has created greater consistency amongst team members and more effective monitoring of progress. This feedback speaks volumes because it comes directly from the drivers of this wonderful program. Looking back after a full year of implementing Skills&re; at Mamaroneck has made me realize its capability and scope. Skills® is a program that can greatly benefit any type of learner in any type of educational setting."

- Frank L., MS, School District Behavior Specialist, New York
"The Minnesota Autism Center (MAC) serves over 350 clients and families and has found Skills® to meet the unique challenge of creating individualized treatment plans while maintaining uniformity amongst clinical documents and programming. We have found that the Skills® system allows for programming for our diverse clients and meets their needs with precision. Due to the comprehensive nature of Skills®, we are able to streamline data collection, graphing, and assessments; allowing our clinicians to have consistency while delivering individualized programming. Skills® is by far the most comprehensive and exhaustive curriculum available, as well as intuitive and user-friendly. Skills® has been a great addition to MAC programs."

-Jen D., Clinical Supervisor, Minnesota
"The Minnesota Autism Center (MAC), Minnesota's largest provider of autism services, is pleased to be using Skills® in our programs. Skills® offers MAC clients a comprehensive assessment and treatment planning tool above and beyond anything available nationwide. The programming is in line with best practice in ABA and VB. The online database format gives our MAC clinical team easy access to our client information and allows for immediate updates. We are excited to see the dynamic progress our clients continue to make with Skills® as an addition to our program."

-Lindsay N., MA, LMFT, BCBA, Minnesota
"Skills® has made affordable access to ABA a reality for many children in South Africa and has become a very valuable tool in the fight against Autism. Since we enrolled the children who attend the Star Academy onto the Skills® program, we have been able to improve the quality of service we provide to children on the autism spectrum. Therapists and parents are able to understand the curriculum and Skills® provides an accurate assessment of where children are as compared to typical peers . It's easy navigation and visually appealing interface enables parents and caregivers to easily access their children's programs. Program updates are done much faster and Skills® allows everyone to be able to gauge what steps are missing or will be coming next in order to reach the desired goal or target. Skills® highlights programs we may have missed and has been a fantastic resource which we have come to rely on."

-Ilana G., Director, The Star Academy, S. Africa
"Skills® has made me a better consultant as it helps me assess, guide, implement and manage a unique curriculum that is completely individual to each of my clients. It is especially useful for providing the prerequisites, purpose, and procedure for each programme as well as backing everything up with current and relevant literature. The comprehensive nature of the assessment means curricular targets are always matched to the child's needs and progress is closely monitored over time in a simple and efficient manner. I would thoroughly recommend Skills® to any ABA provider."

-Evelyn C., BSc, MSc, BCBA, Consultant, Ireland
"Skills® has made programming easier and more accurate than ever. I especially appreciate how lessons and activities are broken down by levels in order to design comprehensive programs that are consistent with my clients' levels of functioning, across curriculum areas. Skills® is an amazing tool for assessing, programming, and tracking progress all in one online system."

-Margaret V., Clinical Supervisor, California
"Skills® has been such an incredible asset. Sometimes we get into the habit of running lessons in the same way we have for previous kiddos just out of habit, but taking the time to look at the hundreds of possible SDs really allow you to program in a way that will be most beneficial for your client. The Skills® system has truly allowed me to look at lessons and skills in a more global fashion which ultimately makes me a better supervisor."

-Ashley L., Clinical Supervisor, California
"Skills® has been a great tool to utilize. Its value lies in its ability to guide you in the appropriate direction for each of your kids, but it doesn't dictate exactly where you should go. The ability to use this system, yet individualize the curriculum it provides, helps ensure that you are meeting the needs of your client without deviating from a proven path of development."

-Jess R., Clinical Supervisor, California